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Fingers on a Hand

I have said before that this world likes me too much. In somes senses, I am fortunate for my heritage and how it allows me to see events and happenings. When compared to my friends, I will be more easily tempted by the darker side of the Land, but I also feel this viscerally and thus have a more direct adversary to confront. I think the subtlety that my friends feel is far more dangerous.

It is not just the ways in which we have tricked ourselves, or the ways in which we try to outsmart ourselves; but in some cases, I think that the deception is manifest. While Salivaar will face his own challenges; Silas is a different matter. Or at least Silas is a different matter in my world of theory.

Yesterday, Silas allowed Anna to stab him with Silverthorn. Part o me was interested in the experiment, although it is rarely the case that seeing a friend in pain you have caused does not cause revulsion and self-doubt. There will be other effects of that stab, I am sure.

But one effect was immediate. Silas shifted, but not fully to leopard form as he has in the past. He shifted to a half form--both human and beast. The half form was intelligent, powerful, and in need of communicating with us. It had many stories: How each of us save Bell came to the cirus. Tales of the past in clearer memory than any of us had. Assertions about other evil deeds Fortunato performed.

But I have thought on these things and think I should hold them in reserve in my memory until we can know more about Silas and his curse. I thought that afflicted lycanthropes had no middle form; and, Silas himself doubts that the memories of the half-beast were accurate because the tales do not match with things he believes to be true.

So, why might this be? I think that we have caught the attention of the Land and that it is pulling on us for some reason. I do not know if the encounter at the Abbey had more import than it seemed, if the Underdark or our encounters in Pedastal have facilitated some attention or if Silverthorn is some relic that the Land watches, but I have to think that "Silas'" middle form is less Silas than the others suspect.

With the afflicted, the creature, not the lycanthrope, should be the base. Whatever creature caught the lycanthropy should be teh ture creature. In Silas' middle form, the half creature claimed to be the true form, the form with access to all memories and the form that is the amalgam of creature and beast. This makes some sense in the case of natural lycanthropes, but in the case of the afflicted, I suspect this is a trick of the Land. If not a trick, then Silas may have made a transition via the land that makes him no longer afflicted--a transition that would be unfortunate in seeking a cure for him.

A cure. Some remedy that will take away part of what has always been part of whoever you are. Like taking my Mother's ghost or my heritage away and declaring me "better." It is certain that I will have to thing more about this concept of a cure and do further research. Whatever the case, as I am one finger of the Land and Salivaar is perhaps another, I can only think that Silas is much more a part of the hand than we have sufficiently thought about.



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