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Reggie's Journal

Twisted, twisted, twisted but oh so (chaotic) good.

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This is an in-character journal for Reginald, the wizard in David's Ravenloft campaign.

Reggie, as most everyone calls him, is a Tiefling wizard and half-brother to the Aasimar Gabrell. Tiefling and Aasimar half brothers? Yes, their mother was a mess. Even worse, she died giving birth to Reggie, the younger of the two, but couldn't leave her little boy. She haunts Reggie as a giest, watching over him and trying to keep him on a good path as much as his infernal nature resists.

As a mage, Reggie also has a rat familiar named Enfer. Enfer is in many ways a complement to Reggie, being a bit more socially inquisitive and outgoing. Between with his mother, brother and familiar's omnipresent support and influence in his life, Reggie has developed a strong self-image unlike many Tieflings. Where most sulk and hide, Reggie is simply a little introverted and shy. Where most turn evil and do despicable things, Reggie is tainted and twisted but usually figures out the better path. Almost on his own now.

Gabrell and Reggie's mother was a priestess who got a little too close to one of the god's messengers. After she was revolted by what she had done, the opposing power took and interest in her as well, sending a half-incubus to really push her down the path of corruption. Their mother went into precipitous labor in the town square and died while giving birth to Reggie with Gabrell present. When the townsfolk saw Reggie's pointed teeth, they knew something was wrong and were getting ready to burn both boys when a voice from the crowd suggested that the boys be left in the wilderness so that nature could take it's course. No blood on anyone's hands that way.

The townsfolk put the boys out and then a traveling circus of freaks (of which one of the barkers suggested putting the boys out) came by and picked them up. Fortunato was the master of the circus and Mirada (also known as Madame Eva) was the guide and seer.

Aside from Reggie, the other party members are:

Gabrell, Reggie's brother, an Aasimar Bard
Anna, a Human dagger specialist fighter
Bell, a Fetch sorceress (a Fetch is a half-ghost)
Salivaar, a Half-elven cleric
Pellam, a Human ranger
Silas, a Wereleopard fighter
and Julien, a Kindred fighter (Kindred is a half-vampire).

This journal is a set of his memories and may or may not be an accurate telling of anyone else's tale. It's also not something he readily shares.